Filter Water Coolers


  • Delicious pure and safe filtered drinking water from our filtered water coolers!
  • Delicious tasting.. dirt, rust , iron, lead and Chlorine filtered out
  • Safe..Cryptosporidium and Guardia filtered out
  • No “swimming pool” smell..Chlorine removed
  • Thirst quenching and inviting.. chilled
  • Convenient and Occupational Health and Safety-friendly filtered more bottles..
  • Environmentally-friendly filtered water coolers
  • NovoH2O is the only company in NSW that offers a full range of filtered water coolers and bottled spring water solutions to businesses and households

filtered water cooler glass

Our Filtered Water Coolers

NovoH2O filtered water coolers are about as competitive as they come and you are dealing with a local Sydney owned and operated company who knows Sydney and supports the local community! We work with you to deliver you fresh, natural spring water to your doorstep when you need it.

Perfect as an office cooler or home cooler, NovoH2O’s filtered water coolers and dispensers are easy to use and out free standing coolers take up very little room.

Rent a filtered water cooler from us at NovoH2O and you are guaranteed to be looked after by our local Sydney team, and with all water cooler installation costs covered by us free of charge – why would you go anywhere else?

For more product information on our filtered water cooler range please call us on 1300 131 132.

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Happy 'Filtered Water Cooler' Customers

We have over 15 sites across Sydney and regional NSW. NovoH2O servicing of the filtered water coolers has been consistent over the 7 years since we started with them. If ever there has been a problem with a filter system it is fixed quickly.
Michelle-Administration Manager, NSWbased Not For Profit Organization